Our Story

When you say NEK, you mean FREEDOM!

NEK is an inspirational and innovative brand that produces premium casual wear for women and men who love nature and freedom. Our urban street-style clothing is inspired by freedom, with bold designs, made from natural materials, and available in unique colors. It is designed for various occasions, from city and work wear to diverse sports activities.

Always innovative! Always unique! Always surprising!

NEK is the result of decades of work, experience, and experimentation in clothing design. It was created with the desire to offer products of lasting quality and exceptional comfort that allow users to express freedom, individuality, and style.

We guarantee everything we make! Because we know that prioritizing durability results in reduced energy and water consumption, less waste, and contributes to the preservation of air and the environment, we also want everyone to feel as good in our products for a long time as they did at the beginning.

Let’s age together! Maintaining products well and out of landfills is great! And every good relationship requires a little effort. That’s why we’ve developed NEKFIX – a repair system unique in this region, aiming to keep all our products in use for as long as possible.

Trust above all! With our experience, dedicated work, and care for every detail in every product, we want you to feel secure and know that we do nothing without thorough testing, construction analysis, material testing, and all the details that go into our products.

NEK is made in Serbia according to ISO 9001:2015 and BSCI standards.

Our Why

Our idea is for people to feel free and independent! We believe that every individual can achieve freedom in different ways and be immune to outside influence. We exist to spread the spirit of freedom! We want to improve our community together, create a healthier place to live, and nurture true values.

Our Vision


Based on responsibility and fair cooperation with every customer and partner, we aim to inspire each individual to create new ideas, be better to themselves, and their community.

We want to be responsible towards our planet. We believe that together we can contribute to preserving nature and creating a better society.

Through authentic and bold designs, as well as special care for every product, we aim to convey the message of FREEDOM and earn the trust of users across Europe.

Our Mission

We strive to create the best and most durable products and raise awareness about preserving our environment, because together we save energy, water, air, and create less waste.

We are open to collaborating with everyone who shares our values and want to participate together in improving our community.

Our Values

Imagine perfection as a journey, not a destination!

Freedom is priceless, and it is our greatest value and inspiration! Expressing your stance and not caring what others think or say about who you are, but having your own style and staying true to yourself.

Freedom is the most expensive word!

Eternal optimists, we advocate individuality, authenticity, and the power of self-expression to create a unique society. We also find inspiration in hardworking and active people who care about themselves, their health, and their environment. On the path to our goal, we want to be a challenge and an inspiration.

We build our brand on the spirit of adventure.

We celebrate diversity and always work as a team!