Transport Damage Claims

It is crucial to report any transportation damage visible on the product packaging immediately to the courier upon delivery. The buyer is obliged to report any transportation damage within 24 hours of receiving the goods. If you notice such damage, do not sign for the delivery or ask the courier to wait while you check whether the damage to the packaging has caused damage to the product itself. If the product is undamaged, sign for the delivery.

Claims Regarding Incorrect Information or Wrong Type of Goods

If you have received a shipment and upon opening the box discovered that the delivered goods do not match the order or the price has been incorrectly calculated, please contact us by phone or email within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. Provide us with your details (name, surname, phone number) and describe the issue you are experiencing. Depending on the situation, we will take the necessary steps. We will respond to your complaint electronically (via email) as soon as possible, confirming receipt of the complaint and informing you of further actions. The response time for complaints is 8 days, and the resolution time is 15 days from the moment the complaint is lodged. The cost of returning the goods is covered by the seller.